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Top 3 Sources for Website Templates

How many countless hours have you invested into searching for either a good web designer or website template? Well, Society Unrestricted has done the work for you. We tested multiple websites, compared prices, layout design options, adaptability, responsive design availability, and more. Take a look below to find what we consider some of the best resources to find the perfect website templates.

1. Creative Market -

This was hands down one of our favorite resources to find website templates and additions. They provide a user friendly website design that makes navigating the site easy and intuitive and offer:

  • Web Templates

  • App, Landing Pages, Wire Frames, UX/UI Templates

  • Adobe additions

  • Mockups

  • Texts and Fonts

Pricing on the site is relatively affordable with prices ranging from $1 for items upwards of an average of $70-$200 for more complex items. There are responsive and non responsive designs, All items come with proper licenses as well.

These options provide business owners and creatives with a bit more freedom in saving time using a template and customizing it 100% to their needs instead of investing thousands into a design from scratch. Time and Financial savings - I call that a win!

2. Envato Market / Theme Forest -

Our second choice is another top contender that's more like the sibling to our first choice. Envato as a whole has multiple sister companies that can provide a number of things. Envato Studio allows consumers to subscribe monthly to access elements such as music packs, video packs, templates, etc. Envato elements and Theme forest both offer website designs for multiple hosting sites and coders alike. Use a template to design a site on WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce. Find UI Designs for Adobe Sketch and Figma, CMS and Marketing templates, Blogger templates, Portfolio templates, and more. This site also includes the ability to purchase royalty free music and royalty free videos with licensing(s) for use in broadcast, online, to sell, etc. Average pricing for the site can range from $1 to $200. Most Items, were around $20-$80 range.

Just Some of the items offered:

  • Wordpress themes, E-Commerce Templates, Site Templates, Marketing Templates, Blogging Templates

  • UX / UI design templates

  • Plugins

  • Logo Maker

  • Mobile app templates, games and more

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP Scripts, and other coding plugins and options

  • Royalty Free Video Stock Footage, Motion Graphics, Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion, and Premier Pro: elements, broadcast packages, openers, intros / outros, and more.

  • Royalty Free Music, music kits, sound effects, logos & idents

  • Presentation templates, logos, vectors, icons, fonts

  • 3D files

  • Royalty Free Stock Images

3. Etsy -

Hold on! Don't be too quick to judge this one. We purchased a few website templates off of etsy and had amazing experiences. Many of the sellers that design templates for Shopify, WooCommerce, and others sell those templates on their merchant stores on Etsy as well. (Usually to just expand their brand onto multiple platforms). Etsy is great for small business owners, creatives, agencies, and branding experts to find website templates on. Gorgeous responsive website design templates with affordable pricing. Average costs are $25-$120. Designs are available for portfolios, photographic, marketing and branding agencies, social media marketing templates, content management and freelancer website templates, blogging, e-commerce, and more. In addition, you can also find social media templates, and the options for custom website designs for a slightly increased price.


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