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Unlock the Power of Podcast Advertising with Society Unrestricted.


Are you ready to reach a diverse and engaged audience through the world of podcasting? At Society Unrestricted, we offer tailored sponsorship opportunities to help you achieve your marketing goals. Choose from our three exciting tiers to maximize your brand exposure and connect with podcast enthusiasts worldwide.


Tier 1: Bronze Sponsorship - "Essential Exposure"

  • 30-second Ad Slot: Your company's message featured in a 30-second ad slot at the beginning of an episode.

  • Logo Placement: Your logo displayed prominently on our podcast webpage.

  • Social Media Shoutout: A dedicated social media post highlighting your brand and sponsorship.

  • Price: $500 per episode.


Tier 2: Silver Sponsorship - "Elevated Engagement"

  • 60-second Ad Slot: Expand your message with a 60-second ad slot at the beginning of an episode.

  • Logo Placement: Enhanced logo visibility on our podcast webpage.

  • Social Media Exposure: Regular social media shoutouts throughout the sponsorship period.

  • Featured Guest Appearance: Join us for an exclusive podcast episode interview or discussion related to your industry.

  • Price: $800 per episode.

Tier 3: Gold Sponsorship - "Total Takeover"

  • Exclusive Episode: A dedicated episode featuring your brand, products, or services with a custom intro and outro.

  • Unlimited Ad Slots: Your message in every ad slot for the entire sponsorship period.

  • Prime Logo Placement: Prominent logo placement on our website and social media.

  • Email Newsletter Inclusion: Your brand featured in our podcast-related email newsletters.

  • Sponsored Giveaway: Host a contest or giveaway with your products or services for our audience.

  • Price: Customized based on sponsorship duration and specific requirements.


Customize Your Sponsorship


We understand that every brand has unique needs and goals. If none of the above tiers suits your vision, we're happy to create a custom sponsorship package tailored to your objectives.

Email: Subject Line: Sponsorship Inquiry


Don't miss the opportunity to make a lasting impression on our dedicated podcast audience. Partner with Society Unrestricted and take your brand to new heights.

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