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Top 5 Podcast Microphones

We did a bit of digging, and made a list of our top podcast microphone options to consider when launching a podcast. Prices vary, and each provides slightly different options and outputs, but all are industry favorites. Options include USB Microphones, XLR Microphones,

This bundle set comes in at option number 5. Great for beginners and those seeking to launch a more professional career in podcasting, online streaming, etc. Affordable, with quick shipping via amazon, XLR options, a mixing board with sound and audio effects, leveling, bluetooth capabilities, custom audio buttons, music, multiple microphones, and phone integrations. This set comes in two options, option one comes with a 16mm core microphone, option two slightly more pricey comes with a 25mm core microphone both are condenser microphones. The microphones output gives a smooth radio quality sound that can be adjusted via the mixing board as well as software programs. Pair with professional affordable headsets for the ultimate sound experience such as these HERE. This is the one, as of now, we personally use and love. If you would like to head how the audio sounds after mixing and recording, listen to our trailer HERE.

This is a fan favorite "BLUE" condenser mic that comes in two color options: Black and White. This microphone is considered a great alternative that is affordable to the infamous Yeti Microphones which we will discuss later on. Compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 to plug and go directly into computers, laptops, etc. Bit depth and Sample rate of 16-bit/44kHz and 16-bit/48kHz. Compare with the Yeti and Yeti Nano microphones. Great for new and developing podcasters and live streamers.

This highly rated Toner USB Condenser Microphone is affordable, highly rated, and available on multiple platforms. Perfect for voice recording, gaming, podcasting, live streams, voice overs, and more. With a USB 2.0 port, corded electric source, a foldable tripod that's portable, pop filter, mini shock mount, and more. This is a great podcast microphone that's cost friendly and easy to use with computers, laptops, etc.

2. Blue Yeti USB 3 Condenser Microphone with 6 color options - $99.99, $112.78, $125.67, $129.00, $129.99, $139.99

This is one of the highest rated and reviewed microphones in the professional audio recording market. With 3 condenser options, 4 audio pickup pattern capabilities consisting of cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo. Bit depth and sample rate of 16-bit/48kHz. With options for mute as well as headphone volume and output. Compatible with PS4, XBOX, PCs, and Laptops. Great for professional and career podcasters and audio recordings.

This is our number one top choice option perfect for career professional podcasters and voice recorders alike. With high res led metering with 11 segments. Smart knob capabilities allowing for on air stream audio adjustments. LED lighting capabilities for on video and aesthetics, and a bit depth and sample rate of 24-bit/48kHz. Similar to the Blue Yeti 3 Condenser Microphone, the Yeti X comes with 4 audio pickup pattern capabilities consisting of cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo.


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