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Top 5 Podcast Hosting Sites & Where to Share Your RSS Feed

There are many podcast hosting websites out there, and many of them are raving with reviews, promotions, and adaptabilities. Society Unrestricted did a bit of digging and comparing and put together a list on our vote for the top 5 podcast hosting sites with a list of platforms to send your RSS feed link to for distribution.

For new as well as advanced podcasters, Red Circle is out top choice for hosting.

With monetization abilities, cross promotion, distribution across major podcast networks, subscriptions, and programmatic ads; red circle is your best FREE hosting option.

Only a small % taken no upfront costs.

Fees Consist of:

Hosting: *FREE*

Donations: 4.5%

Subscriptions: 12%

Programmatic Ads: 50%

Host Read Ads: 30%

For Newbies and Advanced Podcasters

This is a quality host, but it comes with higher individual cost options. Low monthly rates, but low hours included additional hours of audio can be uploaded for additional fees. There is a free monthly option that comes with 2 free hours a month, and the audio is only hosted for 90 days. Features include: listings in top podcast directories, advanced podcast analytical statistics, specialized audio mastering, transcription options, and more.

Great for Podcasters of All Levels

Free, unlimited hosting with distribution of the podcast to all major platforms. Spotify analytics, performance tools, paid subscriptions, host read ads, listener donations, co host collaborations, music integration, cover art design options, and more.

Perfect for podcast professionals

Libsyn is one of the original podcast hosting platforms. Its design is a bit more detailed and not as trendy in design, but it is one of the best platforms for podcast professionals, and those seeking to create a career out of podcasting. There are 4 different price levels ranging from $5 - $40 monthly with additional add on options. Features include HTML5 players, directories and source directory listings, FTP support, mini site, additional mb, own domain name options, and more. There are 2 additional storage plan options at $75 and $150. Monetization options include live read options, stick read options, and geographic targeting.

Podcast hosting for all levels

Podbean is one of the newer podcast hosting sites making waves in the industry. Features include a podcast app, podcast studio, livestreams without limits, own domain integration, unlimited hosting, radio talk show options, a website, and more. Monetization options include an ads marketplace via sponsorships, patron and premium monetization options including their mobile app.


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